How Many Quotes Should You Get from Potential Contractors?

Man on construction site with plans in hand

Once you’re done with your home design, planning, and budgeting, the next step is hiring a contractor. Cost is among the major factors that most people consider when hiring a contractor. You want to hire a contractor that charges the most reasonable price without compromising on the quality of your build. 

Most contractors provide free construction project estimates. As such, you can get as many estimates as possible. But, what is the reasonable number of estimates should you get when hiring a contractor. 

Well, three is the recommended number. Ideally, you should get quotes from three contractors or companies of varying sizes. That way, you will get a better scope to guide you when getting a reasonable price for your project. Three quotes should give you a better picture of the average price that you should pay for the project. 

Choosing the Right Quote 

A quote might not be what it seems when given without writing. Contractors are largely unregulated. What’s more, a contractor is not legally bound to join a quality scheme. Therefore, the construction industry has many cons. So, if somebody gives you a ridiculously low quote, ask these questions first. 

  • Is every element included in the quote? 
  • What payment plan does the contractor use? 
  • How did you find the contractor? 
  • Does the contractor belong to any professional or quality control body? 
  • What timeframe does the contractor give for your project? 
  • Is the work of subcontractors included in the quote? 

Your answers to these questions should guide you on the best way to proceed. 

Get References 

Don’t forget to check references before hiring the contractor. Find out more about their past projects and what the clients they have worked with say about their experiences. 

You should generally do your due diligence when getting quotes, vetting, and hiring a contractor for your project.