Effective Sustainable Construction Techniques

Every contractor knows that a strategy that saves materials and time has higher profitability. It also brings the good feeling for not creating waste. Mr. Art T. one of the finest roofers in san antonio shares his tips on his processes in running his business and crew. Here are the top construction techniques with the greatest effect on sustainable construction.

Prefabrication of Materials within Controlled Environments

Prefabrication of materials within controlled environments improves quality of the resulting structures. It also reduces trash at the construction sites. Cutting materials decreases waste while creating strong buildings that enable contractors to successfully use even wood framing.

Proper Waste Management

Reducing construction waste is now achievable for most contractors because haulers have now become more sophisticated. In the past, there were several trash bins at the jobsites. These were used for different categories of waste. However, a modern jobsite has a single trash bin. That’s because haulers can separate materials using pickers. This approach enables haulers to avoid up to 75% of landfill via their processes.

Proper Site Management for Improved Environment

Prevention of storm water pollution is now a big deal to the federal and state governments as well as municipalities. No municipality wants a development to dump bad water into its sewer system thereby overflowing it. Silt fencing is now used to contain runoff. Site water can now be treated using the best practice onsite thereby reducing its flow into a sewer system.

Reducing Energy with Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing shows that construction companies are rethinking their construction approaches. Modern construction companies are identifying wasteful activities and eliminating them. For instance, a company can use a modified brush to work with a snow blower thereby reducing the time spent on cleaning metal floor decks during winter.

Careful Selection of Materials

Clients and architects ensure sustainable construction by selecting building materials that are made using recycled products. These materials may be made of renewable products like floors made of bamboo. There are also dual-flush toilets that save water and low-flow faucets. Such building materials make buildings greener.

Basically, construction companies are using off-site fabrication, lean practices, enhanced on-site maintenance, green materials, and landfill avoidance to ensure sustainable construction. If you have an upcoming construction, talk to your contractor about these and other sustainable construction techniques before they start working on your project.